Hi, I'm Matheus! 👋

Welcome to my digital garden – I’m an iOS developer by training and an experienced front-end engineer by passion, who loves building for the web, doing React since Mixins™.

I’m currently a Sr. Software Engineer at Medallia logomarkMedallia, where I’ve been helping them build their surveys platform with React logomarkReact and TypeScript logomarkTypeScript and a focus on user-perceived performance, accessibility, and developer experience. Before that, I did similar streams of work for companies likeCitrix logomarkCitrix, STRV logomarkSTRV, and Beakyn logomarkBeakyn.

I’ve been building digital projects for years now and I have launched products for some of the world’s most respected brands, hired and mentored software engineers, bootstrapped and ran multidisciplinary teams and implemented organization-wide engineering initiatives.

Other than this, I’m casually speaking, writing, traveling & advocating for craft brewing.

Feel free to reach me out on social networks or write to me through matheus@albuquerque.dev.