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I am passionate about open-source software and giving back to others.

I admit I am not quite often focusing on OSS, though, but here are some highlighted projects from my Github:

Other stuff

There also some projects I've worked that are not open-sourced (yet).

One of them I would mention is Blau; a challenging physics-based minimalist puzzle game for iOS.

I helped to conceive the whole design approach of the game and to implement its mechanics.

On top of Blau success, my friends and I founded a small digital games atelier & software craftwork house based in our hometown: Xablauger Studios.

Communities and volunteer experience

I try to be as active as possible in local communities. Here are some of those I've already helped somehow:

TechLabs Berlin

Mentor • Mentoring Coordinator

TechLabs is a completely free platform for people from all disciplines to learn different programming skills.

As a mentorship coordinator—and a mentor—, I had a chance to:

  • Take an active part in the project ideation phase to help the students develop their own vision
  • Regularly the project team, helping them making progress with their project
  • Give feedback on the current track
  • Present workshops on technologies I have expertise in, like React.js, TypeScript, Firebase, etc.
  • Helped recruiting more volunteers to help the team
  • Promoted improvements to how mentoring happens

Lambda I/O Foundation

Founder • Organizer • Speaker

The Lambda I/O Foundation consists of an open initiative that aims to introduce people around the world to all the features and benefits of the functional paradigm knowledge.

The core mission is to deconstruct the indoctrination surrounding imperative languages teaching which unfortunately plagues many places in the world and, consecutively, their IT education systems - ranging from technical to postgraduates courses by providing resources and a community that makes it easier to learn about functional programming, functional languages, use cases, etc.

DEV IO Foundation

Developer Advocate • Organizer • Speaker

The main idea of the DEV IO Foundation is to gather all development groups in one place, making it possible to contribute actively to the growth of local community development.

Since 2015 I've helped as a speaker and/or organizer at local meetups and conferences promoted by DEV IO, which aims to spread knowledge related to a large variety of technologies which include JavaScript, Node.js, Ionic, Functional Programming and others.

CocoaHeads Brasil

Organizer • Speaker

I've helped for months the organization of the local edition of CocoaHeads (the Fortaleza chapter) in many areas which include gathering speakers and sponsors and giving multidisciplinary lectures.


Organizer • Speaker

JS4Girls is a non-profit organization that empowers and helps women to organize free, one-day programming workshops by providing tools, resources and support in order to teach other women basic web technologies (HTML • JavaScript • CSS).

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